Financial planning doesn’t have to be a hard, confusing process. Our job is to render the complex simple so you feel empowered to make decisions. We work diligently to provide comprehensive, fee-based financial planning and wealth management services to our clientele: professionals, families and business owners throughout the U.S. We work to form long lasting advice-based relationships with our clients. Our planning process is conducted one-on-one to develop highly customized financial plans that account for each client’s financial and personal goals.

Here’s how we do it:

  • The financial planning process starts with a detailed interview to identify your family vision, values, and priorities. We then gather your financial data, such as your basic income requirements, investment portfolio and net worth.
  • Together, we enumerate your goals, which may shift as your life changes. For example, at one time, your goal may be to build enough capital to begin a business or purchase a home. At another time you may want to provide the means for your children’s education. At still another, you may want to leave a legacy to your family or community while still planning for a comfortable retirement.
  • We collect, model and analyze your information, then provide you with options on how to achieve your goals. We also ask for your feedback on the design of your plan before proceeding with recommendations and tactical next steps. Your plan highlights the gaps and opportunities to help achieve the financial and personal objectives of the family as a whole. This plan provides the foundation on which we, working with you, can build an implementation strategy and maintenance plan.

Your custom financial plan is not only designed for your specific goals, it is adaptable as changes occur in your life and net worth over time. We will review and update your plan regularly, always working with you, to ensure your plan remains on track, making adjustments as your life, priorities and finances change.

Deavel Wealth Advisors uses a fixed fee system for our planning services that is transparent and is agreed upon in advance of preparing your financial plan. There are no surprises with us. Our fees for both new and renewal plans are based on scope and complexity so they are therefore specific to each case. Our financial planning process, specifically designed to address your individualized goals and concerns, is the bedrock on which all our services are based.