DWA: Our Commitment

Deavel Wealth Advisors is committed to providing clarity, continuity, and confidence to clients and their families. The goal of Cindy and her team is to deliver...

Clarity - through focused, clear-eyed, and insightful counseling
Continuity - resulting from a sophisticated, long-term perspective
Confidence - in the lasting value derived from our planning, implementation, and review services.

In practical terms, we believe our clients deserve, and are entitled to receive, the following from our team:

  • Respectful, professional, and personalized attention
  • Strict confidentiality of all client information in accordance with our professional duties
  • Timely, objective, and tailored advice
  • Incorporation of client values and priorities into all aspects of our work
  • The efficient use of resources
  • Fair and reasonable fees
  • Seamless and continuous service that delivers value.